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Meet the Founders

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Meet the Founders

historic photo of Gerald Burkey CPA

Gerald Burkey, CPA
Founder, Retired

Gerald D. Burkey, CPA, “Jerry” opened a small accounting office in 1956. He was known for his brilliant tax and communication skills. He had a keen sense about people and a warm heart. Outside the office, Jerry loved his church and music.

With Jerry Burkey leading the team, the firm grew steadily. The clientele covered the Antelope Valley and the Indian Wells Valley.

historic photo of Gary Cox cpa

Gary W. Cox, CPA
Partner, Retired

Gary W. Cox, CPA, joined the firm in 1977.

Gary attended Rice University under a football scholarship.

An injury necessitated a career change, and Gary chose the accounting profession.

He was considered outstanding in tax and was highly personable.

Outside the office, Gary was involved in sports with his three daughters, one of whom trained for the Olympics.

historic photo of Terry Snedigar

Terry Snedigar, EA
Enrolled Agent,

Terry L. Snedigar, EA, joined Burkey & Cox in 1973. Since 1958 he had been preparing federal tax returns, state tax returns, and multi-state tax returns including partnership, corporation and fiduciary income tax returns.

Many of the firm’s clients still remember Terry to this day, as well as the founders – Jerry Burkey and Gary Cox.

Some of the original clients from 1956 and the firm’s philosophy, goals and shared commitment remain intact today.